The beauty of the Engadine nature

Getting it in shape for you

Whether honey-coloured, fragrant Swiss stone pine, dark oak, fiery root wood or light, light pine: Every piece of wood is a small work of art of nature, with a very individual character. It is our passion to carve out this beauty, to give the wood a new form again and again. Our joinery stands for personal advice, regional craftsmanship and unique interiors since 1947.

Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Manufacturing

Fine Woodworking is my Passion

Fine Woodworking has been my passion since my youth. Wood is simply a wonderful material – versatile, beautiful, haptic, smells good. This has always fascinated me. Today, however, more is being demanded than traditional craftsmanship. The design is becoming straight, the material precious to stand for its own high quality. We manufacture efficiently with our CNC 5-axis drilling and milling centre. Surfaces are machined and formed by hand according to classic craftsmanship. Interfaces to other trades are important so that the wooden furniture, the light, the walls, the curtains, the bathroom furniture and everything fits together. I like to think further than my direct task as a wood craftsman. Only then quality and price do match to yield a top result.

Bernd Jüngling, Master in Fine Woodworking and Director

Our Field of Competence

Your Personal Interiors

Fine woodworking interiors

As a regional universal woodworking company, we offer a complete portfolio of wood solutions – from floors, wall and ceiling coverings, stairs, built-in cupboards and furniture to kitchens. The realisation of energy-efficient and elegant doors and windows as well as electronically secured doors has established itself as a special field in our company history of more than 70 years. Thanks to our modern machinery with a five-axis CNC drilling and milling centre, we can also offer custom-made products at attractive prices.

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Since 1947

At Home in the Engadine

We are a family business in St. Moritz in the third generation. Since 1947 we have grown from the classic construction business with carpentry and joiner’s workshop plus the creation of individual and larger properties to become a specialized full-service provider for all aspects of real estate and property management in the Upper Engadine.

Traditional Fine Woodworking

A Modern Operation of Traditional Craftmanship

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