Energy Waste from Heating System

Great Potential for Improvement
in the Engadine

Today, heating distributions in houses and flats are mostly controlled by thermostats. Who wants to adjust these, all radiators must run off, which is often not done. The underfloor heating is also reluctant to be lowered on departure. After all, who pushes the thermostat up in time when you return? So most apartments in the Engadine remain heated to full room temperature all year round. This is all the more uneconomical and damaging to the environment the more seasonally the apartment is being used. 50 percent of second homes and many weekly residents give an idea of how much improvement potential the Engadine still has here – all without pain.

The Solution

Home Automation
with Siemens Synco Living

Control the radiators by radio

With Synco living, Siemens offers a home automation system that innovatively solves a number of problems. With Synco Living, all radiators and floor distribution are controlled room by room from a central apartment unit. This is done by radio and is therefore cost-effective to install even in existing buildings. When ventilating, the radiators automatically throttle when working with radio-controlled door and window contacts. This can help not only house owners, but also landlords of rented flats to reduce their heating costs.

Remote control via Internet

With the optional web server, the central apartment unit can be controlled remotely via the Internet. At the push of a button, the system is switched from “absent” to “present” and everything is perfectly tempered on arrival. If you had better things to do on departure than to reduce the heating, you can do it conveniently when you are on the road. The temperatures of each room can be monitored online, as can whether all doors and windows are closed. In the event of faults such as water leakage, an e-mail or SMS is sent immediately and the problem can be rectified before it gets bad.

We are a specialist partner of Siemens for Synco Living in the Engadine and the southern valleys. We are at your disposal for project planning and an individual offer.

Central Apartment Unit and Underfloor Heating Control System

Room Thermostat and Web Server

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