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Customized Locking Systems


The mechanical range includes Kaba 8, Kaba 20 and Kaba star as well as mechanical key depots. The products combine sophisticated technology with the best materials and highest precision work. With their different characteristics, they can cope with any complexity.


The electronics range offers flexible access control at the highest level. A chip integrated in the key, badge or card regulates and registers access to controlled areas. Access can be limited not only in terms of space, but also in terms of time. We offer the products dormakaba evolo and Kaba exos 9300 as well as electronic key issueing systems. Centrally controlled by Kaba Elo Manager software.


The online access management system Kaba exos 9300 functions as a hub for electronic solutions and offers a variety of intelligent modules – including authorization management, visitor management, parking lot management and time recording. The system has open and standardized interfaces and can be embedded in almost any IT environment. The Glutz eAccess wireless locking system also enables you to implement cost-effective online solutions at home and in less complex buildings.

Safe, flexible, comfortable

Why electronic locking systems pay off

Mechanical locking technology has developed into electronic access control. Today, precision mechanics are combined with state-of-the-art electronics to form mechatronic systems. When it comes to security, flexibility and convenience, modern solutions are miles ahead of previous products.

Key loss no longer a problem

Lost keys at home, in apartment buildings, commercial buildings and hotels are an important security gap. With an electronic access system, individual keys can be easily programmed if lost. An expensive cylinder exchange is no longer necessary.

Authorizations flexibly programmable

Access authorisations can be freely programmed according to current requirements without having to exchange keys. Access can be limited in time – for example for employees on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. or for hotel guests for the duration of their stay. Access authorizations can also be extended to new properties, for example, in no time at all.

Accesses traceable

The last 50,000 accesses (and attempted accesses) can be traced if required – with key carrier, date and time. It is often enough for the key holder to know that it is possible to read and unauthorised actions are significantly reduced.

Cost-effective installation and conversion

Installation is also simple and cost-effective in existing buildings: since most solutions are battery-powered, time-consuming cabling is no longer required. Dormakaba evolo and Kaba exos 9300 are also designed for long-term use and offer a high degree of upward compatibility and scalability. This means that the system can be efficiently modified to meet your future needs. This protects your investment in the long term.


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