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Do you have your
key system under control?

Do you know where your keys are? Is there a current list of keys issued? Do you know which cylinder is installed in which door and who has access where? If you have to answer one of these questions with No, you are in good company.

We are all used to our mechanical locking systems and they have often been in use for decades, often with changes that hardly anyone can reproduce today. No problem, we provide you with comprehensive support in the inventory and replanning of your locking system.

Take Stock

First of all, it is advisable to locate all doors and locks of your property on the floor plans, provide them with unique door numbers and enter the corresponding cylinder numbers as well as the cylinder and door lock dimensions. Also check your mechanical locking plan. Does this still meet your current requirements? Do your access requirements still correspond to the locking plan? Do you know who has which key? Check your key issue forms and make sure that all key holders are known and listed.

Planning Mechanic and Electroni Locking Systems

Together with you, we determine whether it is worthwhile at least securing the outer skin of your building plus the important doors with electronic cylinders. The advantage: intelligently planned systems are as flexible as mechanical and electronic locking systems can be. Changes in processes and organization can be implemented without major cost consequences if keys or badges are simply equipped with a Legic chip.

Correctly Specify Doors

Doors are increasingly becoming high-tech products. The requirements for thermal insulation, burglar resistance and ease of use are constantly increasing and doors are becoming heavier and heavier. Fire protection and escape route requirements must be observed. Door engineering has developed into a specialist planning discipline analogous to electrical planners and civil engineers. Well planned and well ordered saves a lot of money and brings you the full functionality of the door you are looking for. We will be happy to assist  you.

For companies and public buildings, there are also in-depth questions that go beyond the simple residential building: What is the organization of escape routes like? How are these marked? How are door fittings and access control systems adapted to escape route requirements? Does the door give feedback to the burglar alarm system (EMA)? Does the fire alarm system (BMA) need a connection to the door locking system? Now, at the latest, it is time for professional locking system planning, taking into account the regulations of the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF).

Access Control Planning

Examples from our work as specialist planners for access control systems

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